Technical Skills

Demonstrated experience in client and server side web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, json, PHP, Perl, MemCache, Django templating, and running an Apache Web Server. Also comfortable with WordPress and developing WordPress plugins.

Comfortable working in Unity Game Development Engine to manipulate 3D objects, the scene, and create/add new scripts to achieve desired gameplay.

Experienced in using Construct2 to take a game from concept phase to completion.

Extensive developing background in Java.  Firm knowledge of Java topics such as Java7, J2EE, Javadoc, Java Swing, JDBC, EJB, jUnit, Apache Ant, and Eclipse.

A great deal of experience using C#, Windows Azure, SQL Server, ADO.NET Entity Framework, Visual Studio, T-SQL, and C# Web Technologies (MVC/WebApi)

Knowledge of relational database concepts and SQL developed through the use of MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, and PostgreSQL databases.  Have also had exposure to MapReduce concepts.

Comfortable with concurrent versioning systems and code development within a shared repository.  Specific experience using Dimensions, GIT, Github, SVN, CVS, and Perforce.

3+ years developing with C/C++, used in several projects, Windows Apps, and Windows COM/Windows Runtime features

Understanding of XML.

Exposure to working in languages such as Scheme, Lisp, Turing, Visual Basic 6.0, PowerShell, and Python.

Proficient in the use of Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix environments.

Experience building Android applications and deploying them to the market, as well as creating multi-platform phone applications using PhoneGap. Most of my Android apps include a server and client component, and are designed to handle low/no internet connectivity as well.

Experience building Windows 8 applications, using JavaScript/HTML, C#/XAML, and C++/XAML technologies.

Limited experience developing with the Kinect SDK.

Learned knowledge of data structures, design patterns, algorithms, concurrency, networks, distributed systems, security, database implementation, and scaling.